Contrary to common belief, I believe that Everyone is a Dancer!
When you dance, you connect with your inner creativity and expand your world!

Coaching through dancing

It's a known fact that PHYSICAL ACTIVITY is good for all aspect of health, physical, mental and psychological! Yet, most of us, are disconnected from our own native dancer, many of us self-conscious from too critical judgemental ideas about our dancing, usually too busy with so many responsibilities that we put ourselves last, depriving our body and soul from the important GIFT OF DANCE.

What I have discovered is that when we give expression to the voice of the body, when we allow the movement to take us and lead the way, we explore new territories and create new possibilities. We communicate non-verbally, expanding our vocabulary. 

If you are already active and do physical activity, or if you are not moving at all, for you I created a safe space where you dance in small intimate settings, positive atmosphere and amazing music from all over the world.

I invite you to experience the connection with your body and the music, reconnect with the fire that is inside of you!

Currently available on demand.
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And if you want more reasons to join, read this Article that will make you dance! 

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