Leadership Coaching
I am here to assist you become the leader of your life, your career, your business

You will benefit from coaching with me if:

·       Y
ou are at a crossroad and need to make changes that will bring you more satifaction and success

·        You feel  "at the top of your game" and want to reach higher levels in your life, your career or your business

·        You see an area in your life that you are not satisfied with and want to make a change

·        If you work as a manager, coordinator or volunteer in a grassroots or a large organizaiton

·        If you have migrated or live as an expatriate

·        You are experiencing grief from loss of a loved one or facing a loss of health yourself.

* Together we will create partnership for your learning and your action so that you reach your full potential!
* Create space for both DOING and BEING,
* Help you live your life fully!

The leadership program includes 12 weekly sessions.
After this period, we can decide together to extend and continue the coaching process
, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly as most suitable to your situation.

When you decide to work with me, we will design our partnership so that you reach the results you are looking for and even beyond!

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